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Instagram Content Creation Rates

Let me do all the management for you!



All reels include hashtags, covers, and captions and are posted to stories.

Option 1 | $400 Reels 2x a week over 4 weeks ($50 per reel!)

Option 2 | $480 Reels 3x a week over 4 weeks ($40 per reel!)

Option 3 | $500 Reels 4x a week over 4 weeks ($32 per reel!)

Option 4 | $600 Reels 5x a week over 4 weeks ($30 per reel!)

Option 5 | $700 Reels 6x a week over 4 weeks ($29 per reel!)

Most of my clients choose option 1 to start and upgrade to option 2 after the first month.

Account Revamp


You’re not going to believe this but 83% of my clients need an account revamp and end up losing all their potential leads because they are misrepresenting themselves and their business.

What This Includes…

New Redesigned Account Picture

Highlight covers and highlight

Rewritten bio

Effective CTA

Film Rates

Primarily applicable to St George Area


Your reels are only as good as your footage.

If you live in the St George area, I’ll come into your business and film professional shots that represent your service/product well. Check out where I will be traveling for the rest of the year.

Salt Lake City


San Diego

Instagram Stories


The rate for stories can vary. Depending on what you are looking to have featured and how many slides, stories can cost you anywhere between $15-35 per day. Contact me to find out more and get a price point.

Infographic Posts

Carousel posts + Testimonials


The average time to create a carousel is between 1 and 2 hours. Most of my clients end up paying for 3 infographics that get pinned to the top of their account. (Great for showing offerings and covering details of your business!)

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