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Curating professional Instagram content that builds trust for small business owners + entrepreneurs

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Discover The 5 Things You Should NEVER DO When You Post On Instagram

Instagram has more than 2 BILLION monthly users and Studies show that Instagram is the #1 social media platform for people to connect with brands. In fact, 83% of users state that Instagram helps them discover new products/services. ” – from FacebookIQ research.

This means that you need your Instagram to look professional and aesthetically pleasing. Download my FREE Guide to discover exactly how you should be posting and how to do it in under 15 minutes!.

Look good, stay relevant, and gain leads.

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About Isabelle

I’ve been surrounded by small business owners my entire life (raised by them as well). My parents owned a brick & mortar my entire life and then transitioned to digital entrepreneurs in my tween years. When that happened, I learned to become their Virtual Assistant, post, edit, and market for them

When I turned 17, I was encouraged to start my own business as a kids mindfulness coach where I ran an Instagram account to promote my work.

My coaching became a blog, where I started talking about the enneagram and mindfulness and finally, it’s now been transformed into a YouTube Channel for Astrology

Instagram is a platform I have nailed and know like the back of my hand.

Instagram is a hard platform to navigate nowadays, especially for small business owners who are busy taking care of their business

My goal is to make these people look active and professional on Instagram and help them gain leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are reels actually that much better to post than pictures? My photos get better engagement YES they are! Studies show that reels take up 30% of the time people spend on Instagram And this number is growing fast. The only reason your reels don’t get good engagement is because you aren’t posting consistently.
  • Can you make my Instagram stories?” YES! If that is something you’re looking for, I offer to create daily stories for accounts.
  • “Is Instagram that important?” YES! Even if your clients don’t find you through Instagram, they will look up your Instagram to see if you are the real deal, which is why you need to make sure you look like you are there and care.
  • “Do I have to be posting every day?” NO! Because it depends on your goal. If you’re trying to become an influencer then you would likely need to be posting 3 times a day! But as a business owner whose goal is likely to look good, be relevant, and get some leads, you only need to be posting anywhere between 2-5 times a week.
  • “Are you going to make me show up behind a camera?!” NO. The posts that I create for you don’t have to have you in them. But if you want to learn to be less camera shy, I help you overcome that and feel authentic on film!
  • “What are your rates?” You can find out here
  • “Can you film for me?” YES. As of now, I live in the St Goerge area so I can come on-site and get great shots that represent your business well.

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