About Isabelle Robledo

I’m Isabelle.

6 years ago, my mom and dad realized that there was more to life than the American hustle and moved all 7 of us into an RV to travel the world. I’ve hiked, rock climbed, mountain biked, and adventured in 26 different countries and 14 different states.

In my years of living unconventionally and traveling the world, I learned a skill called mindfulness. This started me on my self growth journey and I’ve learned about the enneagram, numerology, chakras, MBTI, astrology, and so much more.

Because I learned about myself at such an early age, I discovered my passions, and started my own career as a coach teaching others these skills so they can understand themselves.

Life As A Nomad

Spending every day in nature, adventuring made me leave the comforts of my mind and really see what was happening both around me and within me. I became more appreciative of life, my anger transformed to peace, and “pretty happy” turned into fulfillment.

And when I was 15, I learned about the Enneagram and that took me so much further on my happiness journey. I now use the Enneagram as a core tool for my coaching as well. 

Over the years I’ve seen how much mindfulness, confidence, creativity, and embracing our inner chid is missing from kid’s and teen’s lives.

We all need to learn what mindfulness is and how we can cultivate it because mindfulness will help kids and teens learn how to find fulfillment when the world is setting them up to not be. 

Since then, I’ve expanded by business, worked with dozens of students, and even spoken at live events.

That’s just the beginning of my story.

Well, that was the short attention span version of my story for those who want a quick look at my life! If you want to hear the whole story of how I moved into an RV, became rejected by everyone I knew, hiked 1,000’s of miles, and started my own business, join my newsletter by clicking here.

✨ Keep It Mindful✨
– Isabelle