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Poet, Artist, Creative

To inspire you to create, dream, and be a seeker.

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Download The Sample Of “The Jack”

Get a sneak peek at my poetry book I’m in the process of publishing. The Jack is a collection of poems I’ve written in the past 7 years of my life as a full-time nomad who was rejected from society and learned to be a nobody to the world.

The Jack Sample

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At Making Mindfulness Fun, we help you understand who you are so you can be the creator of your reality instead of the victim.

About Isabelle

The uneducated 11-year-old who became a full-time traveler and entrepreneur

I’ve been a full-time traveler since I was 11 years old. I visited 27 countries and 14 different states before I (would’ve) graduated high school.

I was free to be and do whatever I wanted, and with that freedom came rejection…


Embody your soul’s unique energetic blueprint. This workbook with help you understand your natal chart and use it on your self-growth journey so that you can live a healed, healthy, embodied, passionate, and aligned life.

Enneagram + MBTI

Everyone has programming, get started in understanding your personality combination by learning your Enneagram + Myers-Briggs

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